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Sharing resources with the community helps build awareness and conversation around important topics in our industry. Enjoy our selection of SHG authored articles and presentations as well as pieces from industry leaders.

Authored by SHG

Developing Campus Resiliency Through a Climate Action Plan

Developing Campus Resiliency article

This paper explores the partnership between Dickinson College and The Stone House Group to fulfill Dickinson's Climate Action Plan, including the reduction of campus greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and achieving net carbon neutrality. 


Celebrate! 25 Years of NBOA: The Facilities Landscape


Read Lawrence Eighmy's article in the March/April 2023 issue of Net Assets Magazine. Discover how building stewardship, repurposing spaces, and embracing sustainable buildings are vital for educational institutions. Explore innovative strategies for long-term viability and mission-driven success.


Building Commissioning and Tuning

Building Commissioning and Tuning Cover Page

Presented at the PASBO 2022 conference, Wade Brosius of Dynatech Controls joins Larry Eighmy to discuss the importance of commissioning your building and the benefit of proper building controls.


Plan for Success

Plan for Success_Page_1

Developing a tactical campus master plan begins with a future vision of the institution that realigns facilities with mission. This article, published in NBOA's NetAssets magazine, discusses Ranney School's approach to Master Planning.


The Healthy Building Movement

The Healthy Building Movement_Page_1The sustainability movement is about to shift focus following the effects of the novel coronavirus. How will the concept of sustainability evolve as students return to the academic year in the current pandemic environment? And as we eventually move to a post-pandemic world, what long-term changes will be made?

Campus Space Planning during COVID-19 and Beyond

Campus Space Planning during COVID19 and Beyond_Page_1As you reconfigure campus space to meet short-term goals to ensure compliance with health and social distancing guidelines, now is the perfect time to consider longer-term implications of campus space management. Space Planner Terry Duncan describes strategies to meet both short and long-term goals in this article published by NBOA.


On History, Sustainability, and Community


Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 3.51.27 PMPart I of a three part sustainability series. Even if you don't believe in climate change, you must believe in sustainability. Sustainability is the key to our future--it also has deep roots in our past. So where did the sustainability movement originate? How did we first influence our communities to think local, act global?How do we continue to do so? Educating our neighbors, family, and friends on the importance of sustainable practices can help inspire communities to act together to support our long-term well-being. This article was published in the Huffington Post.



Building Stewardship: Observations and Adages of Facilities Management 

Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 4.12.29 PM

For most educational institutions and some for-profit organizations mission and vision are inextricably linked to buildings. This read will encourage you to think about your quantity of space, quality of space, and alignment of space. 


Shaping Campus Masterplans in a Post-Coronavirus World

2021 NBOA Ranney Centerbrook Presentation_Page_01

In a post-coronavirus world, schools will be forced to think even more creatively about reinvestment in physical plant and their facilities with a mission. Our firm presented with Ranney School and Centerbrook Architects to discuss our comprehensive Master Plan that is adaptable and resilient for evolving times.


HVAC Strategies for
Safeguarding Wellness

HVAC Strategies for Safeguarding Wellness_Page_1

HVAC infrastructure is taking on a new importance in the current pandemic environment as systems are optimized for occupant health. What modifications should be made to support this mission, and how do such modifications affect operations? Published in NBOA's NetAssets, John Pozzetta, CEM, offers insight.


Adding New Learning Space without Bricks and Mortar

NBOA_Adding New Without Bricks and Mortar_CoverPage


With Head of School at Eastern Christian School, Thomas Dykhouse, The Stone House Group team discusses how efficient space planning and optimization allowed the School to increase enrollment by as much as 400 students across three campuses within their existing footprint.


Our Approach to Project Management

SHG Project Management White Paper 2019 07 cover page

The Stone House Group's comprehensive approach to Project Management sets us apart from other firms. This article illustrates our methodology throughout the entire process, from conceptual design to project turnover.


Three Things You Need to Know About Carbon

Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 3.36.19 PM

Part II of a three part sustainability series. You can think of carbon dioxide as the common currency used to determine our impact on the environment. The gas is an important factor to achieving long-term sustainability that we all need to consider. Read more to discover the three things you need to know about carbon and climate change. This article was published in the Huffington Post.



10 Steps to a Successful Energy Management Program


Published in the National Business Officer Association's (NBOA) magazine, The Stone House Group identifies ten steps around energy management that institutions can follow to become better stewards of their facilities and the environment.


Not Just Mitigating COVID, but Monitoring Wellness

Not Just Mitigating Covid but Monitoring Wellness_Page_1
Friends Seminary hasn't just mitigated the risk of spreading COVID-19, but continues to monitor a number of indicators, including carbon dioxide and particulate matter concentrations to track wellness for years to come.



Managing Your Empty Campus

Managing Your Empty Campus Cover Page_Page_1

COVID-19 has emptied our schools, and school leadership is faced with the question of how best to manage empty facilities for an uncertain, but extended period of time.  What steps should we be taking to preserve our operations? In this article published in NBOA's NetAssets, we offer maintenance strategies and best practices.


The Case for Sustainable, High-Performance Buildings

The Case for High-Performance Buildings Cover Page

We make the case to elevate your building above standard codes in this detailed article.


How Schools Can Reduce Energy Costs and Promote a Sustainable Future 

Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 4.07.18 PMPart III of a three part sustainability series. All educational institutions share the goal of preparing their students for the future--but can they achieve this goal while they simultaneously compromise that future by harming the environment? I believe schools have an obligation to protect and enhance the world they're preparing their students for by being good stewards of the environment--and that the steps to get there aren't as difficult or expensive as many seem to think. This article was published in the Huffington Post.


Authored by Industry Leaders

Qualitative Facilities Assessment Beyond the Condition Audit


In an excerpt from APPA's book, Strategic Capital Development: The New Model for Campus Investment, that was also published in Facilities Manager, Harvey H. Kaiser and Eva Klein discuss the importance of comprehensive facilities condition assessments as an integral part of larger capital needs planning for institutions. 

The Stone House Group incorporates many of the key points outlined in this article when conducting condition assessments and campus master plans.



The Well-Connected Campus


Published by the National Business Officer's Association (NBOA) and authored by Darren Malone, Director of Facilites and Sustainability at Stuart Country Day School, The Well-Connected Campus discusses the Internet of Things (IoT) can help schools reduce energy consumption and identify problem areas in facilities management. 


The Dirty Secret of Deferred Maintenance


Originally published by NBOA, Donna Davis discusses the benefit and harm of deferring maintenance as well as budgeting techniques to help fund deferred maintenance work year after year. 

We recommend our clients use the guidelines to better manage deferred maintenance in their buildings. 


The 6 Principles of Facilities Stewardship


In an excerpt from APPA's book, Strategic Capital Development: The New Model for Campus Investment, that was also published in Facilities Manager, Harvey H. Kaiser and Eva Klein outline six principles of facilities stewardship that institutional leadership should follow.

The Stone House Group believes the principles highlighted in this article are fundamental to building and sustaining facilities stewardship.